Brief History of Bakery Thomas

Back in 1904, the very first Bakery Thomas is founded by Gotthard Sauer which is my great great great grandfather in Fischbach near Frankfurt am Main. At that time, the signature cake “Frankfurter Kranz” and natural Sourdough Bread are some of the family tradition recipe that makes Bakery Thomas special and successful.

Gotthard’s son Rudolf Sauer later mastered the ropes and led the bakery in 1929 and continues to be successful. Unfortunately, Rudolf and his wife, Mary were not privileged to have a male heir to their business, so Anita, one of their daughters learned the bakers guild, she was later married to another baker named Friedel Thomas and together they took over Bakery Thomas and further the achievement for the business. In 1964, Anita was the first woman in Germany to be certified “MEISTERBRIEF” (The Master Letter of the Germany Bakery Craft). With the recognition, Bakery Thomas persisted on improving its recipes, production process and even design and produces its very own hand crafted oven.

Later in 1960, Anita and Friedel given birth to Ursula Wenzel who is my mother, she too inherited the bakery business in 1979; nevertheless, she was made “MEISTERBRIEF” as well. She integrated with the times and constantly improving production and the business structure to stay efficient.

Since 2012, Ursula has brought with her the experience and passion in German Bakery into Shenzhen, China. Since than, never happened before in China, a taste and choice of more than a century old authentic German Bakery was born.


Today being the 5th generation from a baker bloodline, we again insisting on using natural and imported ingredients in our products which align with our beliefs in providing constant quality, tradition and freshness in our products. With this, we attracted a wide clientele from leading hotels, cafes and restaurants in China.


Bakery Thomas is always doing its best in satisfying customer by producing more and better products from a proven century old bakery legacy in the family.

Food, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.